Health Assessment

What’s Your Vitality AQ? (Age Quotient)

Vitality is a state of being! How you feel and live your life reflects your vitality: simply put, a highly developed mental and physical vigor. How do you feel when you get up in the morning? How much energy and mental focus do you maintain throughout the day? Does mental or physical stress slow you down? Are you looking for more clarity and passion in your life?

We all know there is no magic pill to give us peace of mind and total wellness. But we can utilize the best tools available to us to help us restore the mind/body, and dramatically change the way in which we experience our daily walk on this planet. Every day does not have to be hard… lowering stress and being at ease is a wonderful thing! So please assess your Vitality AQ. Continue below to take our 5 minute health assessment so you have a baseline to work from and knowledge of what will be your most impactful place to start…

Rate yourself for each category using the
rating system below to score yourself.

0 to 3: Low energy, feeling overwhelmed, not functioning well, poor food choices, frequent use of stimulants.

4 to 7: Feeling/performing OK; some healthy choices, room to improve, some use of stimulants.

8 to 10: Feeling/performing well, making healthy choices, steady improvement, no use of stimulants.

Vitality Indicator

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